About Me

I’d begun to think of myself as a writer first, teacher second. That started when, after about five years of teaching, I got word that my master’s paper would be published–published!–in some obscure educational journal I’d only heard about because of the research I’d done in writing the paper. This changed, or shifted at least, over the past year, working more closely with students than ever as a “push-in/pull-out” teacher. I was again a student. I saw from a student’s perspective, with some curiosity and lots of frustration, the daily grinds of schooling. Now as I look forward to a classroom in the fall, I feel as excited as ever, and as prepared as ever (but humbly overwhelmed), to bring this new perspective.

My best news as a writer can be found here:


Another story, which was also chosen for Wigleaf’s Top 50 for 2013, is here:


I have taught for thirteen years for Grand Rapids Public Schools. Most of these years have been working with adjudicated youth, mostly juvenile sexual offenders. This happens to be on the far, opposite end of the spectrum of where I thought I’d be teaching when I graduated from Calvin College. I am also a father of three children, with whom I am mostly found playing baseball on the field behind our house.


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